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Barry Sendel is one of the most innovative businessmen in America. He is an inventor at heart, always looking to find creative solutions for the fast-changing demands of the American marketplace. Throughout his career he has found creative business solutions for problems in a variety of industries, including, but not limited to: Construction, Synthetics (Woven Fabrics), Business/Finance, Medical Equipment, Engineering & Robotics, Music & Entertainment, Disaster Relief Logistics, and Shelf-Stable/Ready-To-Eat Packaged Food. Although Mr. Sendel was born in Canada, he considers the United States his second home, as he has been in business here since the late 1990's. It is also where he chose to base the headquarters for Chef Minute Meals, Inc., the company Mr. Sendel founded in 2011, which is still growing strong today under his leadership.

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Rachel Ray with the Weather Channel's Jim Cantore Demo Barry's Meals
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Honored in the Heritage Registry of Who's Who
Barry Sendel Winner of Who's Who Award